Are you tired of being in pain? Would you like to understand the “why” of your pain? Muscle tightness causes up to 92% of chronic pain in the United States today!!


The Chronic Pain Center is here to help patients get out of their pain. Tight shortened muscles can refer pain to all parts of our bodies. I eliminate that pain and educate you on how to keep yourself pain free. This usually takes 2 to 4 visits. Patients that have had chronic pain for years could require more visits. Usually a significant difference is noticed after the consult and first 2 visits.

Pain Symptom Checker

These ailments are treated at my office…..

Back pain, sciatica, headaches, vertigo, neck pain, fibromyalgia, shoulder pain, chronic pain, heel pain, lower back pain,stiff neck pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, whiplash, hip pain, TMJ.

I do not prescribe medications of any type. We are a holistic practice which gets great results from following our protocol to relieve you of your pain. I will let you know on our initial visit if I can truly help you or not. Look at my reviews on Google and you’ll see what I’ve been able to do for other patients. Call if you have any questions. I look forward to helping you help yourself be pain free!!


Perpetuating factors can cause your pain. An example of a perpetuating factor is your sleep position (stomach sleeping is the worst for back pain) or work station positions. One leg can be shorter than the other. These are just a few of the things that I look at for you. I strictly adhere to Dr. J. Travell’s protocol for chronic pain syndrome.

Dr. J. Travell was President Kennedy’s White House physician. She pioneered this field and in her lifetime has given relief to thousands of patients.

Interference of perpetuating factors (these are things that keep you in pain) with normal muscle function brings frustration that restricts experiencing an enjoyable, chosen, healthy life. The initial consultation is 1 1/2 hrs long, we go over a lot of areas that can refer to your pain problem.