Another Amazing Customer Testimonial

In September my knee gave way walking down the stairs. I’m only in my 20’s, so I was not sure what I could have done to my knee just by walking down the stairs but all I knew was that I was in a lot of pain. I treated my knee well hoping that the pain would eventually go away, but it never did. I saw my doctor who referred me to an orthopedic specialist.

He diagnosed me with a tear in my meniscus and had me go to physical therapy for three months. After three months my knee was not better, if anything I had lost some of my range of motion in my leg and I was still in a lot of pain.

I went back to the orthopedic doctor and he referred me to x-rays and an MRI, both of which showed inconclusive. Frank Gresham heard about my condition and offered to help me.Within seconds it seemed he knew what was wrong with me and how to help me when I had been waiting 4 months for an answer from “medical professionals”. I came to The Chronic Pain Center twice and saw immediate results. My pain has lessened and my range of motion is back.

I am literally back on my feet again and moving towards a pain free life! Frank Gresham showed incredible care for me, he has a great sense of humor that helped lighten my mood and seeing him saved me pain for many months, even years of my life! If you’re wondering if you should go, don’t wait any longer!

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Another Amazing Customer Testimony

For 14 plus years, I was in constant chronic pain. I was previously very athletic doing hiking, biking, dancing, etc. Gradually it was painful to even walk down the street and I became very sedentary as a result.

I happened to find one of Frank’s back pain videos on you tube, and his exercises gave me instant pain relief. Unfortunately, I waited a year to make an appt. as I thought it would take many sessions be very expensive.

I wish I would have never waited. At my first session, Frank figured out what what causing my pain, and I was 70% healed when I left his office, thanks to inserts for my shoes that he gave me. Amazing!

Since then, I have had 3 more sessions and feel completely healed. I am amazed and thrilled each day to being doing normal tasks and walking without pain. Why did I ever wait.

Not only was Frank a wonderful person, who I’m so glad to have met aside from his treatment, but he is the consummate professional, yet priced very fairly.

I urge you, if you have any muscular pain at all, do not wait. Do not let 14 years go by, assuming that you are a resigned to a life of pain. I can’t believe after years of visiting Drs., and hours of physical therapy, my problems were mostly cured within 1 hour.

I cannot say enough about the Chronic Pain Center, their techniques, and how great I feel. I can’t remember the last time my body felt this good.

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Another Amazing Customer Testimonial

Here’s the bottom line up front: after 4 years of excruciating neck pain, I am 100% pain free after only 5 visits at The Chronic Pain Center and Frank Gresham. I highly recommend seeing him.

I am a dedicated cyclist/racer and suffered from myofascial pain from “craning my neck” on my time trial bike for extended time periods. I had my bike professionally fitted twice; I tried massages, physical therapy, etc. but nothing worked. I was going to try acupuncture but I saw Frank’s website. I decided to give him a shot. I was very skeptical but open-minded. I’m glad I went. We discussed the “why” of my pain, worked on releasing the trigger points, and he taught me stretches and gave me a protocol to get rid of the pain.

And there was a bonus as well. In my initial questionnaire that he gave me, I noted that I had some left knee pain from patello-femoral pain syndrome due to muscle imbalances caused by the constant pedaling of cycling. I was able to manage the pain through the use of KT tape on my kneecap so I didn’t think much about it. Well, Frank diagnosed a hip imbalance and Morton’s Toe that I never knew I had. That knee pain is gone as well.

Before seeing Frank, I couldn’t go 10 miles on the bike without feeling pain in my neck and knee. Now, I just completed another Century Ride (100 miles) without any pain at all. The best part is that Frank gave me all the information I need to REMAIN pain free. I honestly don’t plan on seeing him again. It was definitely worth the money to be pain free. Thanks Frank!

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Another Amazing Customer Testimonial

Aug 23, 2014 @ 1:30

Frank Gresham is a highly effective and highly capable practitioner of myofascial trigger point therapy, an under recognized and under utilized discipline. Would you believe that tightness in the muscles around the neck can cause you to experience sinus pressure headaches and a stuffy nose? Neither would I. But it can. Frank can help.

Burton Rubin
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Another Amazing Customer Testimonial

I was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome and after going to several chiropractors, I finally found the chronic pain center in Springfield, VA. Frank is by far the most understanding physician I have come across who not only treats your symptoms but understands the root cause of the problem. I highly recommend everyone to visit Frank’s office if you are in pain and have found no solution.

Nishtha Chawla
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