Another Amazing Patient Testimonial

My case is not an easy one. I have been to so many doctors and therapists until I finally found Frank. I saw Frank 2x/wk for appx a month then 1x/wk then every other week and now am functioning virtually pain free for the first time in 4 years! I have scoliosis, 6 degenerating discs in the thoracic and lumbar a winged scapula resulting in multiple spasms turning into neurological pain patterns. Frank helped map a pattern not just by educating me and providing much needed trigger point release, but addressing lifestyle issues exacerbating my pain. After changing my sleeping and sitting habits and using one shoe insert, I saw a dramatic difference in my abilities and endurance! His protocol of NOT gutting through a session (which just angers the area and was miserable) but being consistent and gently releasing of the fascia helped me tremendously. I have since referred many to him stating: don’t wait! Frank can save you time, frustration, pain and money in injections, docs, and expensive procedures. Aside from all this, Frank really cares about seeing his clients improve which is evident in his flexibility, follow up, professionalism and is just a joy to be around.

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