Another Amazing Patient Testimonial

I am 34 years old and The Chronic Pain Center gave me my life back. Two years ago I had lower back surgery that left me with severe chronic lower back pain. I could barely get out of bed each day and I couldn’t keep up with my family. At 34 I was dying physically and emotionally because of chronic pain. For two years I sought out doctors, specialists and surgeons and got no relief. Not one doctor listened to me or understood just how much this pain was destroying my life. One doctor actually told me “Many people have to live with chronic pain and you are one of them.”

I wasn’t ok with this so I started calling around interviewing doctor offices. I came across Frank Gresham at The Chronic Pain Center. During our first phone call I fought back the tears because for the first time someone was listening to me. He understood exactly what I was talking about and I agreed to a consult. He was so kind and so knowledgable and I felt like he really wanted to help me. After just a few visits my pain was improving.

No way, I couldn’t believe it!!!!!! Tears of joy streamed down my face and I knew I was improving. During just my 2nd week of treatments, I went to bed, and actually woke up pain free for the first time in 5 years! Wow- what an amazing gift. Each day I have needed less and less medication and can go long periods without any medication at all. This is nothing shy of a miracle and I have my life back. By Thanksgiving I expect to be 100% better.

My quality of life is back and I am in control. I am so grateful for this therapy; It is a breath of fresh air and it works! I am still in shock and all I can say is Mr. Gresham knows his stuff and we need more healthcare professionals like him. If you want pain management stay with your current situation, if you want pain elimination go see Frank Gresham. Thank you for saving my life, pain does not control me any longer.

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