Another Amazing Patient Testimonial

My neurologist, Dr. Chehrenama, referred me to the Chronic Pain Center when she had exhausted the medical treatment options for my migraine headaches and associated upper back and neck pain. At this point I was on muscle relaxers and nerve pain medication four times a day and having regular trigger point injections. Despite this amount of medication I still dealt with pain on a consistent basis.

During the initial consult, Frank spent a lot of time charting my pain patterns and he also explained some simple measures I could implement immediately to assist with the healing process. Frank’s kind demeanor along with his personal experience with pain management made it easy to trust him. He reviewed the causes of pain from multiple angles with the goal of treating the source, not just the symptoms. With just a few visits, Frank’s holistic approach towards healing found me free of the medications AND no longer in pain. I’d recommend the Chronic Pain Center to anyone wishing to regain their freedom from pain and pain management medications.

Jessica Khouri

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