Another Amazing Patient Testimonial (6/18/17)

Frank is great at what he does. After seeing him for 3 times I feel about 80% better and have hopes that one day soon I will reach close to 100%. For the past 2+ years my knee has progressively getting weak and felt chronic pain. I previously I saw an orthopedic doctor, who recommended physical therapy. The exercises they recommended alleviated the pain, but after I was released I continued to have aches. The therapist was aware that I wasn’t healed all the way but decided that I was well enough to be released. I continued with the recommended exercises at home, but was discouraged that there wasn’t any further improvement. Another happy customer recommended I go see Frank, I wasn’t optimistic about it, but decided to see him anyways. I’m happy I did, my knee is getting better, the chronic ache is gone, but still have to work on the pinch when I do squats. I would recommend that if you suffer from chronic pain to go see him, or at least have a phone consultation, he will let you know if he can help you.